The terrible impact of alcohol and drugs

Once absorbed into your bloodstream, alcohol enters your vital organs, including your brain. The result of this is slowed reactions, dulled judgment and impaired vision, all of which reduce your ability to drive safely. Drugs have a similar effect. Both alcohol and drugs can also increase the risks of fatigue.If you drive when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you risk causing death and serious injury to yourself and other people. Police in Australia are continuously doing random drug and alcohol breath tests on motor vehicle drivers. Anyone caught driving under the influence is liable to severe penalties. In the case of drugs, it doesn’t matter if they are legal or illegal drugs.

For fully licensed car drivers the legal limit is 0.05 g/100ml. For special licence categories the legal limit is 0.02 (which in practice means no alcohol at all). L Plate (Learner) and P Plate (Provisional) drivers or riders must not exceed zero blood alcohol. If tested by the Police, drivers must be below their allowable legal limit.

At 0.05 g/100ml you’re four times as likely to have a crash as a driver with a zero blood alcohol level.

  • The costs of drink-driving related crashes are extensive:
  • death and injury
  • emotional
  • ostracism (for the drink-driver)
  • long-term financial costs
  • legal charges – ranging from manslaughter to excess blood or breath alcohol
  • penalties – including imprisonment, loss of license and/or disqualification and     fines
  • loss of insurance cover

In Australia a high percentage of fatal motor vehicle accidents, road fatalities and serious injury can be attributed to drink driving.

  • In 2008, alcohol or drugs were contributing factors in:
  • 33 percent of all road deaths
  • 23 percent of all reported serious injuries from road crashes
  • 14 percent of all reported minor injuries from road crashes
Alcohol Related Vehicle Accident

Don’t end up like this!


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